Poor Man's Website Monitor

Posted by reto on 04 October, 2006 00:10

OpenACS is providing uptime, a simple website availability monitoring service, since 1997 and it's free! Free from ads and free from overloaded graphics (actually quite naked). It just works. :)

You can set up monitoring for your website in five minutes.
  1. create a text file "uptime.txt"
  2. add the word "success" on the first line
  3. upload it to your webserver (usually the root of your website)
  4. add your url and complete the form with your e-mail, name and a password
  5. done

The uptime.txt will be requested about every 15 minutes, if the file is not reachable you will get an e-mail warning. Uptime will still try to reach your site every 15 minutes and e-mail you again, as soon as the file is reachable again.

Although there may be tons of reasons why Uptime can't reach your website other than your website actually being down, it's still a handy service to get an idea of the service availablity, especially on (shared) hosting.

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