Tweaking Firefox Tabs

Posted by reto on 23 January, 2007 21:50

I found it quite annoying that the close-tab buttons (Firefox Close Button) on each tab disappear if tabs get shrinked to the minimum (e.g. if horizontal scrolling of tabs gets activated because of the number of open tabs in one window).

Luckily FF let's you configure about anything related to the UI. It's only a matter of editing two config values to leave the close buttons visible all the time!

Open a new, empty tab and type about:config into the address bar. Search the two config entries "Browser.tabs.tabMinWidth" (defaults to 100) and "" (defaults to 140). While tabMinWidth defines the minimum width a tab can be shrinked to, tabClipWidth defines the minimum width where the close button is still displayed on unfocused tabs. If you change tabMinWidth to 101 and tabClipWidth to 100 tabs are always closeable with just one click. See the screenshots below for a better understanding of the issue.

Default Firefox 2.x / 3.x setting:

Custom Firefox 2.x / 3.x (tabs can always be closed with one click):

The setting in the about:config:


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