MySQL and File System Backup to FTP Server

Posted by reto on 15 May, 2011 23:45

I've put some shell scripts together to automate the backup process of my root server (basically a LAMP system).

You can read the how-to and get the download links to the backup scripts at mycodedump wiki.

For those how just want the code, fast - here you go:

Any comments or suggestions for improvements etc. are welcome! 

Back again?

Posted by reto on 08 January, 2010 21:59

Hefty! It's been quiet here for almost 2 years, which feels like 20 on the internet, but then Google still looks the same as on the 24th of April 2008, right?

Well, I've started using Google Code together with Mercurial repositories to manage some of the codings I did. Most of them are probably not very useful, but then again, they where useful for me at some point in time and could be a starting point for others. Furthermore, using a Google Code project is a great way of backing up stuff that needs no privacy ;).

My code dump has two repositories so far:

  • CMS Made Simple stuff (like plugins, tools etc.), my CMS of choice for small websites.
  • Shell Scripts I wrote. Some to integrate with Nautilus, some to be used on the command line
BTW: I'll post important updates regarding mycodedump on this blog.


Use wget!

Posted by reto on 04 April, 2006 20:51

Note to $_SELF: Use wget instead of php.cli the next time you try to periodically call a script running on your webserver in a shared hosting environment, where you don't have a clue how those servers are *configured*.
This is all it takes:
wget -q -O /dev/null
And it just works :)

Easy Audio Stream Recording with Streamripper

Posted by reto on 02 April, 2006 15:24

Streamripper is one of the most popular audio stream recording tools (i.e. stream rippers) available. If you know streamripper already, you may know it as a Winamp plugin, but streamripper is available as standalone binary, too! And the best: it's open source and available for Linux, Windows and OSX (BTW: If you are on OSX you may try StreamripperX, which features a nice GUI). The following examples are tested on a Windows box but surely work as well on the other plattforms. I started recording my favourite radio station in the evening and listen to it while I'm in the car driving to work the next day. This is what i tell streamripper to do:
streamripper.exe -d E:/tmp/streams -r 9009 -M 67 -o never -T
Streamripper expects an url to the stream in the first place, followed by some parameters (there is a nice readme, explaining full potential of streamripper, I will only explain the ones I need): (More)




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