pLog becomes LifeType

Posted by reto on 02 November, 2005 21:25

LifeType Logo The steadily growing popularity of pLog through out the last year made aware of the weblog project. Amazon has registred the word "plog" as a trademark before the pLog weblog project started back in 2003. They contacted us, kindly offering support for registering new domains and rebranding our project.
On November the 1st, the official transition from pLog to LifeType started with the going public of three project websites: is the main project site providing support forums and documentation through a wiki, for the german community and for the chinese speaking community.

pLog 1.0.2 beta released

Posted by reto on 18 September, 2005 11:59

Once again thanks to major works from Oscar, Jon and Mark pLog 1.0.2 beta is out!

Further readings you might be interested in: now running pLog pre 1.0.2

Posted by reto on 16 September, 2005 12:45

theater nota beneI upgraded, another pLog powered site, last weekend to the upcoming bugfix release (1.0.2). After a medium to large mess with the database during the upgrade process (guess I should have tested the wizard before), everything is working smooth now. is running pLog since version 0.3.2 and was never upgraded because I wrote a contact form plugin for that version and the plugin framework got improved massively afterwards for version 1.0 (but was not backward compatible). I finally took the time to rewrite it (badly hacked) to make it work with the new framework, and I'm glad I've done it. :) I hopefully get the time to work a bit more on that plugin to release it to the community. Can't do it for now, It'd be too embarrassing to show the code to anybody...

BTW: Check out the nice favicon - was very easy to create with the FavIcon from Pics online service. ;-) ready for Prime Time :)

Posted by reto on 05 September, 2005 00:10 another pLog powered Webseite :)Setting up a new website, be it as a real blogging or as a very simple CMS, is super easy and fast with pLog. At pLog is ment to serve rather as a CMS than a blog for several reasons:


Maintenance Release of pLog available

Posted by reto on 24 May, 2005 23:01

This first maintenance release after version 1.0 of pLog comes with many little improvements and bugfixes.
Upgrading from version 1.0 is as easy as overwriting all the files with the new ones - no database upgrade is necessary for any maintenance releases of pLog (first DB upgrade will have to happen with version 1.1).
Besides all the very important bugfixes there are some nifty little features I'd like to point out here (pardon me if I miss one, though): (More)

Updated ICE Template

Posted by reto on 05 May, 2005 17:18

Every post had a the trackback info twice, which resulted in dublicated trackbacks! Please get the updated ICE template. You may manually edit the file postandcomments.template alternatively. Only thing to do is removing the following line: <!-- {$url->postTrackbackLink($post)} -->

ICE released!

Posted by reto on 24 April, 2005 23:17

ICE Template I'm happy to provide the pLog community with my first template. It's the one currantly active on this blog. If you like it you may download it at my plog project pages - and for the ones in hurry i'm providing a direct link here. ;)
Ice is (or should be) fully XHTML 1.0 strict and CSS compliant and it's using IE7 that is included in pLog 1.0 to render nicely in Internet Explorer.
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