Google's view of the Moon

Posted by reto on 20 July, 2005 23:19

Google on the Moon (Released at 20th of June 2005) Today it's 36 years since the one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind. Google honored this day with a map to surf the moon on

...and Google wouldn't be Google if they wouldn't have put some fun into this service, too! Well, other may claim it's just a stopgap because they didn't get more detailed pictures from NASA. ;-)

The First Firefox Commercials

Posted by reto on 07 May, 2005 23:54

Screenshot of one of the three Firefox Commercials by Mozilla-EuropeThe Mozilla-Europe community released three cool commercials to promote Firefox!

The ones already using Firefox might remember their first browsing experience - I hope it was not that painfull. Those who don't know how Firefox feels, go taste and feel it!

Entertaining Bash

Posted by reto on 06 April, 2005 23:14

Desperately in need of some diversion? has some really entertaining quotes! Here is a nice one, I was LMAO! :) (More)

Login here, login there

Posted by reto on 04 March, 2005 23:42

BugMeNot is a very handy service if you'd like to access services you'd normally have to sign up with, revealing your E-Mail address first. BugMeNot is a database with logins to 56470 sites at the moment. From NY Times to SpreadFirefox, BugMeNot gives you access to lot's of content and services with anonymity guaranteed.

Webradio at its best

Posted by reto on 27 February, 2005 16:10

Minimized Player by lets you listen to your personal radio station. It's just a matter of clicking ban or love and you'll get the first radio that plays nothing but music you like. Or like Oscar wrote:
You never know what's going to play next. But you do know that you're going to like it!

The only downside is the limit to 25 days. You'll have to donate some money if you would like to use the personalized radio after 25 days, but I think its a fair offer anyway considering the 128bit personalized stream you get. If you give it a try, you may listen to my channel, too. ;)
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