Can you see the difference?

Posted by reto on 16 August, 2006 19:43

Which one of those logos is Web 2.0 compliant?

No! It's the one on the right! ;) there are about 3.5 years between them. I wonder if there is another website, which is in "beta" since April 2003 - let me know if you know one! (and yes, I should have updated my site since ages. Oh, well...
Upgrade your Logo to Web 2.0 - found via Matthias.

Tomorrow is Open Discussion Day!

Posted by reto on 18 May, 2006 23:03

Still using those proprietary Instant Messaging (IM) protocols like ICQ or MSN? Well, so do I. But do you have a Jabber account you could use, if all your friends would? I do. And if you don't the Open Discussion Day is the day you should register one!
You can get a list of available Jabber servers where you may register at the XMPP Federation website or register with Google Talk (the Google Talk client uses the jabber IM protocol, too!). Say goodbye to legacy, proprietary IM software!
BTW: I'm using Gaim and a Google Talk account with the account name reto dot hugi at gmail dot com. Would be nice meeting you back there in jabber space soon!

LifeType news

Posted by reto on 30 April, 2006 22:15

Long time no post here, but the LifeType team is working hard to get Version 1.1 out in a few month. We would be happy, if we got a lot of feedback of beta testers to release a fast, feature rich and very stable LifeType 1.1.
You can get beta releases built directly from the trunk (snapshots) or check out the svn repository straight away.
And if you have websites running LifeType 1.0.3 or less, an upgrade to LifeType 1.0.4 is highly recommended. Please read the official announcement for further information.

Interview with Sir Tim

Posted by reto on 25 March, 2006 19:00

BCS interviewed Tim Berners-Lee about the web, of course. ;)
On the question, what he would do differently, if he could go back to where it all started 15 years ago, Tim answered:
I would have skipped on the double slash - there's no need for it. Also I would have put the domain name in the reverse order - in order of size so, for example, the BCS address would read: http:/ The last two terms of this example could both be servers if necessary.
I was astonished, that I never questioned the double slash issue. It was there and I just didn't question it. Quite an aha for me... :)

I like cooking on the shell

Posted by reto on 08 January, 2006 22:08 is a very handy service to look up that special tweak or command you just cannot remember (especially if combined with the provided search function).

Free DNS Hosting

Posted by reto on 25 November, 2005 17:35

DNSExit LogoI recently rented a virtual server and was since looking for free name server (NS) hosting. I didn't do much research on different providers but I'm happy so far with the one I chose. I'm currently hosting two domains with (just providing NS services, of course).
Although I do have my own IP for the server, provides some interesting services for those running their webserver (or any other servers) on their box at home, only available through a dynamic IP.
If you're interested, go and have a look at their services!

Fun with LetterJames

Posted by reto on 09 August, 2005 22:41

Writing on the WallObviously LetterJames is really busy these days. I was hardly able to access the site, not to speak about creating some more funny writings on the wall... :)

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