First Snow Post

Posted by reto on 01 November, 2006 11:34

Today I realized that there are two events, when blog posts are very predictable:

  1. Google buys YouTube
  2. First Snow

And yesterday was the First Snow Day in Finland! And I can clearly see that there is more snow in Tampere (Hi Mike) than in Espoo (Hi Oskar).

BTW Guys: I can see the snowy Alps all the time :)  (ok, almost all the time, but not now, as it's really cloudy today)

Selling my Brother HL 1250

Posted by reto on 27 February, 2006 22:09

In case you're interested in a Brother HL 1250 with a most likely defective drum unit, you may start bidding now. But please understand that I will not ship it anywhere. It's for take away only :) now running pLog pre 1.0.2

Posted by reto on 16 September, 2005 12:45

theater nota beneI upgraded, another pLog powered site, last weekend to the upcoming bugfix release (1.0.2). After a medium to large mess with the database during the upgrade process (guess I should have tested the wizard before), everything is working smooth now. is running pLog since version 0.3.2 and was never upgraded because I wrote a contact form plugin for that version and the plugin framework got improved massively afterwards for version 1.0 (but was not backward compatible). I finally took the time to rewrite it (badly hacked) to make it work with the new framework, and I'm glad I've done it. :) I hopefully get the time to work a bit more on that plugin to release it to the community. Can't do it for now, It'd be too embarrassing to show the code to anybody...

BTW: Check out the nice favicon - was very easy to create with the FavIcon from Pics online service. ;-)

Finally satisfied with my iPod Shuffle

Posted by reto on 14 September, 2005 22:26

iPod shuffleAfter Apple released it's very thin iPod nano, which features a screen and supports standard mp3 player like storage of mp3s, I first thought I might sell my 1GB iPod shuffle and buy me a nano.
Although the shuffle has the ideal form factor for my needs, and I don't really need a display nor more storage, I was constantly unhappy with iTunes, which I think is a clunky piece of software. Making things worse, the shuffle doesn't support copying files manually (via filesystem), it needs software that builds the proprietary database to index the files in the playlist.
I've read of a plugin for winamp before, but as I'm not using Winamp5 as a player, I wasn't too keen on trying this either. Today I thought, I should do a search on for better alternatives and bingo! I found a really small tool called iPod shuffle Database Builder. One Python script (18KB) or, alternatively one Win32 binary (8KB) is all I needed to copy over to the iPod shuffle. Every time I remove or add files I run the script or the binary once (depending on what OS I'm on). It's dead easy and beautiful in it's simplicity - couldn't fit better with my shuffle :)

Blogging through Microsoft Word

Posted by reto on 18 August, 2005 21:27

Blogging with Microsoft Word. (A macro by read on the Google Blog, offers their users to blog via Microsoft Word. All that is needed is a macro which is easily installed through a Setup-exe file, downloadable from their website.
I think this is a very straight forward way to get people start blogging, who else would probably never bother blogging as they cannot or don't want to learn yet another interface to publish something (not to mention the difficulties of submit buttons and the like). With this macro it's as easy as starting a new Word document, typing some text and finally hit the "publish..." button.

Trip to Ireland

Posted by reto on 26 June, 2005 22:22 Map as of June 2005I'm already looking forward to my trip to Ireland next thursday (30th) until the 14th of July!
These "Countries I've visited" maps from have been posted on thousands of blogs, but besides these maps looking quite nice I never saw any purpose in them other than to show off.
While preparing for Ireland I thought I may use the service as a place where I could keep track of all the trips I made and steadily keep it updated. But then I realised that the form used to generate the map does only accept posted data which means there is no easy way to get back to an already filled in form to add new countries every now and then. Too bad, I hope they improve this service soon (although I have to admit that I don't know if they offer this feature if you register with them).
Well, for the time being I use their maps to show off and do the whole clicking again when I need to update a map. And that's what my maps look like: (More)

Pictures from my Holidays Downunder

Posted by reto on 04 October, 2004 19:21

I finally found some time to update my gallery with the fotos from Downunder...

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