web 2.0

Posted by reto on 25 February, 2006 17:48

I finally found an application worth the bad buzzword Web 2.0. It's called wankr and is still in beta, but go ahead and be an early adopter! :)

Slashdot Readers on Virus Statistics

Posted by reto on 19 February, 2006 23:36

I've already quoted a similar conversation between /. readers, but this one even tops it!
wormnet.org: Not very long ago, when the Kama Sutra (Nyxem.E, MyWife, whatever) worm was released to the world it seemed to take absolutely forever to find anyone with a solution for the removal or even the detection of the thing. [...]

Anonymous Coward: Your post is never going to compile dude. MyWife is supposed to be the first argument of KamaSutra().
(quoted from /. article comments)

Got it? - /. humor is probably not for the mainstream, but I had a good laugh :P

Slashdot Readers on Windows Viruses

Posted by reto on 31 October, 2005 10:18

Some funny comments on the latest News about an AIM Worm with Rootkit:
by killa62: Some windows viruses do run under WINE. However, they do not affect the system to the extent that windows viruses affect windows systems. They RUN, but mostly nothing else happens other than wasting CPU cycles.[...]

by Psykosys: When are they going to get around to full virus support? (I'm sticking with Windows 'til then.)

Get Request from Zone-H.org

Posted by reto on 10 October, 2005 23:46

Something you never ever want to see in your webservers access log is a get request from zone-h.orgs wget utility looking like that:
www.zone-h.org - - [02/Oct/2005:13:48:00 +0200] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 200 25 "-" "Wget/1.9.1"
Zone-h.org is a site where hackers Skript Kiddies can post sites they have defaced and/or tested to be vulnerable to remote exploits. The xmlrpc bug, which was found this summer and affected numerous CMS/Portal scripts, is one of the common bugs exploitet since, resulting in hundreds of defaced websites.

One of those kiddies hit my badly maintained PostNuke site last week (oops, now it's out). Fortunately I didn't have any data loss. The index file was all that was damaged, so I guess I was lucky (probably because it was a publicly available script used for defacing standard PostNuke installations...).
Oh, and yes, pLog isn't vulnerable :).

Nerds are better Lovers on Slashdot

Posted by reto on 12 June, 2005 22:47

The comment of ackthp on the Slashdot article "Nerds are better Lovers" just made my day! *lol*

[I quoted the comment, click more to read it.] (More)

Gmail invites - who wants one?

Posted by reto on 28 March, 2005 20:14

I recently got gmail invites activated for my account. Mail me your E-Mail address (or leave a comment here) and you're likely to get an invite from me. First come, first served, of course! ;)

BTW, I think it's worth registering an account simply because of the fancy UI they provide. Google is definitely taking webmail one step further! Besides you can redirect your mail to whatever address you already have and/or access gmail through POP.

Google has still Geek-Factor

Posted by reto on 17 March, 2005 22:46

As read on /. Google launched Code.Google.com. A playground for all interested in Google APIs for lots of their services.
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