Slashdot Readers on Windows Viruses

Posted by reto on 31 October, 2005 10:18

Some funny comments on the latest News about an AIM Worm with Rootkit:
by killa62: Some windows viruses do run under WINE. However, they do not affect the system to the extent that windows viruses affect windows systems. They RUN, but mostly nothing else happens other than wasting CPU cycles.[...]

by Psykosys: When are they going to get around to full virus support? (I'm sticking with Windows 'til then.)

How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

Posted by reto on 23 October, 2005 12:37

My blog is worth $1,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?

AOL recently bought Weblogs Inc. for an astounding 25 million dollar. You may now calculate the value of your blog (found via bitflux) based on technorati sources and these calculations. Ask google how much this is in your local currency.

While this is of course nothing to take serious, it reminds me of being on the save side having my own blog software and don't have ads displayed anywhere...

Fun with LetterJames

Posted by reto on 09 August, 2005 22:41

Writing on the WallObviously LetterJames is really busy these days. I was hardly able to access the site, not to speak about creating some more funny writings on the wall... :)

Google's view of the Moon

Posted by reto on 20 July, 2005 23:19

Google on the Moon (Released at 20th of June 2005) Today it's 36 years since the one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind. Google honored this day with a map to surf the moon on

...and Google wouldn't be Google if they wouldn't have put some fun into this service, too! Well, other may claim it's just a stopgap because they didn't get more detailed pictures from NASA. ;-)

Nerds are better Lovers on Slashdot

Posted by reto on 12 June, 2005 22:47

The comment of ackthp on the Slashdot article "Nerds are better Lovers" just made my day! *lol*

[I quoted the comment, click more to read it.] (More)

The First Firefox Commercials

Posted by reto on 07 May, 2005 23:54

Screenshot of one of the three Firefox Commercials by Mozilla-EuropeThe Mozilla-Europe community released three cool commercials to promote Firefox!

The ones already using Firefox might remember their first browsing experience - I hope it was not that painfull. Those who don't know how Firefox feels, go taste and feel it!

Playing Pinguball

Posted by reto on 20 February, 2004 23:50

PinguballActually I have no clue how this game was called originally, so if anybody would like to enlighten me please post a comment... I host a best of List with a lot of screenshots of records made by friends and myself. Of course Pinguball - or whatever you like it to call - is available, too.
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