Getting Naked Again

Posted by reto on 06 April, 2008 22:59

Dustin Diaz is hosting the third CSS Naked Day on the 9th of April (yes, that's really soon!). It's the third CSS Naked Day and I've updated the LifeType plugin to default to the new date and fixed some bugs as well. So if you think your LifeType blog looks good without CSS you should go ahead, download the latest release and strip!

BTW: I've added the plugin to the official LifeType plugins page.

Getting Naked on the 5th of April

Posted by reto on 03 April, 2007 22:59

On the 5th of April (yes, that's really soon!) is the second CSS Naked Day. If you think your blog looks good without CSS you should go ahead and strip! Else you should think about revisiting your markup and make it semantic, standards compliant and accessible.

There are plugins for the most popular weblog tools available, to let you easily get rid of your cloths. Most of them are probably listed on the CSS Naked Day website. And if you're a LifeType user you can download the CSS Naked plugin I wrote. (note: this plugin is written for LifeType 1.2 the included readme.txt explains the installation in 4 easy steps).

Download the CSS Naked Plugin here!

Fancy Pants?

Posted by reto on 22 March, 2007 20:18

... I don't think so. But what happened to the OSX guy? He should have been booted with:
$ Kernel --more-verbosity


Totally Unrelated Post

Posted by reto on 25 October, 2006 23:30

Well, first I want to let you know that I finally upgraded my weblog to LifeType's latest release (1.1.1, that is). Then there was the Firefox 2 release earlier today (check out the "agenda of the last steps"), and I found that ridiculous mister I sell everything Steve Balmer Video prising Windows 1.0:


BTW: It's dead simple to include YouTube and Google Videos with the new LifeType Editor :)

Can you see the difference?

Posted by reto on 16 August, 2006 19:43

Which one of those logos is Web 2.0 compliant?

No! It's the one on the right! ;) there are about 3.5 years between them. I wonder if there is another website, which is in "beta" since April 2003 - let me know if you know one! (and yes, I should have updated my site since ages. Oh, well...
Upgrade your Logo to Web 2.0 - found via Matthias.

web 2.0

Posted by reto on 25 February, 2006 17:48

I finally found an application worth the bad buzzword Web 2.0. It's called wankr and is still in beta, but go ahead and be an early adopter! :)

Slashdot Readers on Virus Statistics

Posted by reto on 19 February, 2006 23:36

I've already quoted a similar conversation between /. readers, but this one even tops it! Not very long ago, when the Kama Sutra (Nyxem.E, MyWife, whatever) worm was released to the world it seemed to take absolutely forever to find anyone with a solution for the removal or even the detection of the thing. [...]

Anonymous Coward: Your post is never going to compile dude. MyWife is supposed to be the first argument of KamaSutra().
(quoted from /. article comments)

Got it? - /. humor is probably not for the mainstream, but I had a good laugh :P
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