MySQL and File System Backup to FTP Server

Posted by reto on 15 May, 2011 23:45

I've put some shell scripts together to automate the backup process of my root server (basically a LAMP system).

You can read the how-to and get the download links to the backup scripts at mycodedump wiki.

For those how just want the code, fast - here you go:

Any comments or suggestions for improvements etc. are welcome! 

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My versions...

Jon Daley | 19/05/2011, 03:40

I don't have mine in a publishable format, I think. My mysql script is similar to yours, though my stuff isn't as fancy with the variables, etc.

I also do a hard-coded/hacky way of looking in the for i in /var/lib/mysql/* sort of thing.

But, it works.

I've been meaning to take a look at this for file backups:

Right now I have a "hidden" account with UID 0 that doesn't have a password, but is allowed ssh/rsync access with a password-less ssh key, so my home desktop can login automatically to all of my servers as root and get all of the files.