Mixed Tape 20 Available for Download

Posted by reto on 24 April, 2008 21:07

Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape 20 LogoThe latest Mixed Tape is available for download. It's being downloaded to my iPod right now and you can get it here, if you like.

BTW: This is my last post on the Mixed Tapes. I don't intend to become news relay #1 for them. So, appologies to those that added me to their feed reader just to get updates on the Tapes :)

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Mixed Tape #21

reto | 28/06/2008, 09:55

Here is the direct download for Mixed Tape #21

All Mixed Tapes

Ainer v. Fielen | 04/07/2008, 09:22

Whoever missed a Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape can download it from here:
This german site hostes all Mixed Tapes as zip-files for free download...


reto | 04/07/2008, 09:53

Yes, the mixed tapes can be downloaded there. however, you need to type some of the URLs manually because they all link to the Mixed Tape #1. You can easily correct that by changing the number to the album you would like to download.


Holy Moly | 10/07/2008, 15:59

It seems that it was a copy-and-paste prob an that site, the links have been fixed in the meanwhile...

Re: Mixed Tape 20 Available for Download

Angel | 27/08/2008, 22:06

Thanks! Great!