Optimizing PNG Compression

Posted by reto on 06 January, 2008 22:49

While creating some screenshots and saving them with the GIMP, I felt the PNG files were rather big and I was looking for a tool that would do better compression. PNG files usually are saved with lossless compression, not like JPEG files, where you always loose some image information with every percent of higher compression. (More)

Innovating the Online Job Market

Posted by reto on 06 January, 2008 21:11

LeiterMarketingUndKommunikation.ch by UnicWe've currently a job vacancy for a PR Pro at unic and our HR is experimenting with new ways of acquisition by starting a blog at leitermarketingundkommunikation.ch. Well, I'm curious on what we can expect from that blog, not only content wise. Rumor goes that theres more to come than just the blog. In the meantime we're all sending some link love. At least Johann and Pascal already did so and Philippe has updated his blogroll. Let's see if Kevin is posting something, too. ;-)

Maybe we should register applicationarchitect.ch and xhtmlandcssguru.ch as long as they are available (webdesigner.ch is already taken)...




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