Mercede Benz Mixed Tape Collection

Posted by reto on 24 November, 2007 17:21

Due to the many requests for the Mercedes Benz Mixed Tapes, I've packed all the 18 albums in a zip file. Additionally you may download them via eMule (Windows) or aMule (Linux/Mac/Windows) or any other client compliant with eDonkey network. Downloading the albums via eDonkey is slower, but it helps spreading the music and as I won't guarantee any availability for the direct download, I'd suggest you use the eDonkey network and help spreading the albums.

Download Link: Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape Collection (zip/1.5GB)

eDonkey Network Link: Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape Collection

MD5 Checksum: fd37b77e42cdb62e7c9c3135be1abfa1

UPDATE 2008-06-19: My provider removed the direct download due to excessive traffic usage. Guess that link just got a little too popular. Sorry for those that didn't get a copy yet. Please use the eMule link. 




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