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Posted by reto on 22 March, 2007 23:47

Guess you've noticed it (ok, maybe not if you're reading this with a feed reader): I've updated my weblog to LifeType 1.2 and am now using a modified version of the subtle template I ported to LifeType 1.2. Hope you like it. :-)

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oscar | 23/03/2007, 11:29

The template looks nice, and so does Lifetype 1.2 :)


reto | 23/03/2007, 11:41

thanks :)
indeed, LifeType 1.2 is way faster.
BTW: I took the picture of the sunset in Down Under. (Dundee Beach, near Darwin)


Omar | 23/03/2007, 20:12

It looks really clean and nice! I like your template. Is it available for download?


reto | 23/03/2007, 21:57

Hi Omar
Subtle should have been available for download already, but it got lost on the way. ;-)
It's available via our svn directory, until we get around to upload it to sourceforge.
BTW: The template you are using looks nice, too. And it seems, like you've already ported it to LT 1.2. So, would you like to share it? Same goes with the technorati tag-cloud plugin... nice, nice, nice :)
If you like you can always upload such good stuff in


sado44 | 19/04/2007, 16:44