Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 16

Posted by reto on 28 February, 2007 22:05

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 16 CoverMercedes-Benz released Mixed Tape #16 today. I tried downloading the album for about thirty minutes until I finally got a free slot. If you keep getting timeouts when trying to download the album, leave a message. I'll consider providing an alternative download link here. But maybe I should check back with the distribution policy of Mercedes-Benz first ;-)

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habi | 01/03/2007, 19:10

as far as i know they are happy if you spread the word (it's in the newsletter...) but i don't know what happens if you mirror it. might be worth a try :-)

download link

reto | 04/03/2007, 21:55

you're right. I checked their terms and as I understand them I'm allowed to distribute them for non-public and non-commercial use. So, here we go. and if there are readers interested in past mixed-tapes let me know.
Mercedes-Benz Mixed-Tape #16

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tapes

Wael | 25/04/2007, 09:47

I wonder if there is any link or way to get the older Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tapes! I've started downloading the series staring from the 11th; and yes I love them all..

So people, anyone can help me to download the former tapes?! (as long as this does not contradict with their copyrights, terms and conditions) I been looking around, but wind was not backing me in my search!

PS: it is lovely to find people who share me my appreciation for these tapes...

Best regards,
Wael A.G.

old tapes

me | 31/05/2007, 00:16

Try looking at the bittorrent sites. you'll find them over there.

Old mixed tape

blake Shonuga | 11/10/2007, 03:33

hi i have been looking for old mercedes benx mixed tape and i was wondering if you had any you could send to me thanks, Blake

Old mixed tape

blake Shonuga | 11/10/2007, 03:34

hi i have been looking for old mercedes benx mixed tape and i was wondering if you had any you could send to me thanks, Blake

Mercedes-Benz Mixed tape archives

Tom | 20/10/2007, 21:55

Hello Reto!
thanks for the links to the 3 albums from Mercedes Benz Mixed tape.
I listened to most of them but did not hace time to download.
Any chance you might have them all. Just found the #18 link ( )
Can you send me links from #1 to 13 and 17

Mercedes Benz Mixed Tapes

Rainer Juhser | 06/05/2008, 16:17

Onthe german animations and mp3 fansite you can find all Mixed Tapes as ZIP-files free of charge, they even have been tagged properly!
The Mixed Tape 20 is the latest at the moment...

Rocknrope | 03/07/2008, 19:13

The download tags for the mix tapes on that site are all incorrect. Most of them are linked to Mix Tape #1 for some stupid reason.

reto | 04/07/2008, 09:53

Yes, the mixed tapes can be downloaded there. however, you need to type some of the URLs manually because they all link to the Mixed Tape #1. You can easily correct that by changing the number to the album you would like to download.


Rainer Juhser | 09/07/2008, 22:59

It seems that it was a simple copy and paste error on that site. In the meantime the links have been fixed...

Re: Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 16

Mara | 26/02/2009, 04:29

HI, I'm interested to get the mixed tapes for personal enjoy. I already have the 16 and the 25, but I don't have the rest, somebady could share them, please? Thanks a lot