Ubuntu PXE install via Windows

Posted by reto on 23 December, 2006 23:10

This article expains in step by step instruction how to install Ubuntu over the network (although it's easy to adapt the how-to to other linux distros) via a Windows 2000/XP client.


Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape

Posted by reto on 13 December, 2006 22:35

Thanks to Habi dumping links, too. I'm now listening to mixed-tape #15, which is probably the coolest compilation freely available for you to download atm.

No DRM, no stream ripping, just plain good old mp3 in a zip. That's what I call marketing with a happy ending (at least for the consumer). Too bad nobody told them that their badly designed website doesn't get cooler by adding even more flash and strange proprietary iTunes feeds for their podcasts (I'm curious if that feed is any good but I still won't install iTunes).

Oh well, as long as they release such fine music, I won't complain ;-) - of course I wanted to get those other 14 mixed tapes. I'm listening to them while posting this...




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