First Snow Post

Posted by reto on 01 November, 2006 11:34

Today I realized that there are two events, when blog posts are very predictable:

  1. Google buys YouTube
  2. First Snow

And yesterday was the First Snow Day in Finland! And I can clearly see that there is more snow in Tampere (Hi Mike) than in Espoo (Hi Oskar).

BTW Guys: I can see the snowy Alps all the time :)  (ok, almost all the time, but not now, as it's really cloudy today)

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The predictability of bloggers

oscar | 01/11/2006, 19:01

We bloggers are so predictable :) As soon as we see some flakes on the ground, we can't wait to blog about it!!

Makes me high...

Mike | 07/11/2006, 13:56

hehehe, jeah - all the students here writing blogs have done the same!
But @ least we blog about natural white snow - internet is "dope" enough... ;-)