Totally Unrelated Post

Posted by reto on 25 October, 2006 23:30

Well, first I want to let you know that I finally upgraded my weblog to LifeType's latest release (1.1.1, that is). Then there was the Firefox 2 release earlier today (check out the "agenda of the last steps"), and I found that ridiculous mister I sell everything Steve Balmer Video prising Windows 1.0:


BTW: It's dead simple to include YouTube and Google Videos with the new LifeType Editor :)

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oscar | 26/10/2006, 08:53

There's already been some fixes to the 'insertvideo' plugin that you might, specially if you're posting via IE... And LT 1.1.2 has already got some fixes too, so you're already behind! :)

re: fixes!

reto | 26/10/2006, 09:23

Behave! I wouldn't ever dare to use IE (exept for Design compatibility testing).
Maybe there's another thing, that needs to be fixed: Trackbacks don't seem to work anymore since the upgrade. I'll have a look at it later...

Re: Totally Unrelated Post

Fat Fingers | 21/01/2007, 21:53

Look on the brightside - if trackbacks aren't working, at least you'll be safe from trackback spam !