Can you see the difference?

Posted by reto on 16 August, 2006 19:43

Which one of those logos is Web 2.0 compliant?

No! It's the one on the right! ;) there are about 3.5 years between them. I wonder if there is another website, which is in "beta" since April 2003 - let me know if you know one! (and yes, I should have updated my site since ages. Oh, well...
Upgrade your Logo to Web 2.0 - found via Matthias. re-launched

Posted by reto on 14 August, 2006 23:40

We are supporting in creating a new community with the latest and greatest LifeType 1.1 (check out this flash movie for previews of new features).
While we are still bug hunting, the new version is already very stable and usable and is probably the first big fast growing blog community providing their users free weblogs powered by LifeType 1.1.

BTW: For those interested in reading some feedback about the newly released you may follow the discussion on Matthias Metablog




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