Join the first LifeType Meeting!

Posted by reto on 20 May, 2006 12:38

The first official LifeType meeting takes place in London on the 10th of June. If you think it's cool to meet the LifeType team in real life, want to discuss your Ideas with them or just have a good time with bloggers, don't miss this opportunity. The exact place for the meeting is not yet fixed. Please post in the forum, that you'd like to join the meeting. This way we can keep you informed easily and get an idea of how many people we should expect.

See you there! :)

Tomorrow is Open Discussion Day!

Posted by reto on 18 May, 2006 23:03

Still using those proprietary Instant Messaging (IM) protocols like ICQ or MSN? Well, so do I. But do you have a Jabber account you could use, if all your friends would? I do. And if you don't the Open Discussion Day is the day you should register one!
You can get a list of available Jabber servers where you may register at the XMPP Federation website or register with Google Talk (the Google Talk client uses the jabber IM protocol, too!). Say goodbye to legacy, proprietary IM software!
BTW: I'm using Gaim and a Google Talk account with the account name reto dot hugi at gmail dot com. Would be nice meeting you back there in jabber space soon!




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