Get the latest and greatest LifeType release!

Posted by reto on 25 January, 2006 20:58

LifeType 1.0.3 is another bugfix release, probably the last one, before LifeType 1.1 is released, which will add some exciting new features like a new article editor, support for single sign on with other web applications and much more.
Upgrading to the new release is highly recommendet and once again very easy. Just upload the files, no need to run the wizard.php or change database tables. If you're already on LT 1.0.2 you can download the smaller upgrade package.

I like cooking on the shell

Posted by reto on 08 January, 2006 22:08 is a very handy service to look up that special tweak or command you just cannot remember (especially if combined with the provided search function).




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