Upgraded my LifeType sites

Posted by reto on 28 December, 2005 00:04

LifeType 1.0.2 has recently been made available through sourceforge.net. And as upgrading from version 1.0 and up is as easy as overwriting files, I updated theater nota bene, le-pierrot and my own blog in about 15min.
All sites where running on LT 1.0.1, so I downloaded the upgrade package which only contains the files changed since 1.0.1. Nevertheles I found some files and folders not beeing necessary. Especially the 'config' folder shouldn't be uploaded because it will overwrite your database connections. You can safely delete the following files from the upgrad package:
  • 'config' folder and its content
  • release' folder and its content
  • 'htaccess' file
  • subfolder 'unsupported' of 'locale' folder and its content
  • take care with the contents of the 'templates' folder if you made some modifications to templates packed with LifeType
It's nice to login to LifeType and be welcomed by a nice looking new header in the admin panel! :)

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