Free DNS Hosting

Posted by reto on 25 November, 2005 17:35

DNSExit LogoI recently rented a virtual server and was since looking for free name server (NS) hosting. I didn't do much research on different providers but I'm happy so far with the one I chose. I'm currently hosting two domains with (just providing NS services, of course).
Although I do have my own IP for the server, provides some interesting services for those running their webserver (or any other servers) on their box at home, only available through a dynamic IP.
If you're interested, go and have a look at their services!

pLog becomes LifeType

Posted by reto on 02 November, 2005 21:25

LifeType Logo The steadily growing popularity of pLog through out the last year made aware of the weblog project. Amazon has registred the word "plog" as a trademark before the pLog weblog project started back in 2003. They contacted us, kindly offering support for registering new domains and rebranding our project.
On November the 1st, the official transition from pLog to LifeType started with the going public of three project websites: is the main project site providing support forums and documentation through a wiki, for the german community and for the chinese speaking community.




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