Slashdot Readers on Windows Viruses

Posted by reto on 31 October, 2005 10:18

Some funny comments on the latest News about an AIM Worm with Rootkit:
by killa62: Some windows viruses do run under WINE. However, they do not affect the system to the extent that windows viruses affect windows systems. They RUN, but mostly nothing else happens other than wasting CPU cycles.[...]

by Psykosys: When are they going to get around to full virus support? (I'm sticking with Windows 'til then.)

Server Troubles

Posted by reto on 27 October, 2005 21:51

I'm having several problems running this blog because of a new permission strategy of my hoster. I'm very sorry for any inconvenience and hope to get it fixed really soon. :(

Update: Things are fixed, the blog should work again. (Let me know if it's not!)

How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

Posted by reto on 23 October, 2005 12:37

My blog is worth $1,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?

AOL recently bought Weblogs Inc. for an astounding 25 million dollar. You may now calculate the value of your blog (found via bitflux) based on technorati sources and these calculations. Ask google how much this is in your local currency.

While this is of course nothing to take serious, it reminds me of being on the save side having my own blog software and don't have ads displayed anywhere...

Get Request from

Posted by reto on 10 October, 2005 23:46

Something you never ever want to see in your webservers access log is a get request from zone-h.orgs wget utility looking like that: - - [02/Oct/2005:13:48:00 +0200] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 200 25 "-" "Wget/1.9.1" is a site where hackers Skript Kiddies can post sites they have defaced and/or tested to be vulnerable to remote exploits. The xmlrpc bug, which was found this summer and affected numerous CMS/Portal scripts, is one of the common bugs exploitet since, resulting in hundreds of defaced websites.

One of those kiddies hit my badly maintained PostNuke site last week (oops, now it's out). Fortunately I didn't have any data loss. The index file was all that was damaged, so I guess I was lucky (probably because it was a publicly available script used for defacing standard PostNuke installations...).
Oh, and yes, pLog isn't vulnerable :).




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