Le-Pierrot.ch ready for Prime Time :)

Posted by reto on 05 September, 2005 00:10

Le-Pierrot.ch another pLog powered Webseite :)Setting up a new website, be it as a real blogging or as a very simple CMS, is super easy and fast with pLog. At Le-Pierrot.ch pLog is ment to serve rather as a CMS than a blog for several reasons:

  • Every piece of content at le-pierrot.ch is provided through pLog (e.g. no static pages and pLog as an addon for blogging)
  • the maintainer of the webcontent should be able to manage the site either through the easy to learn webinterface of pLog or, even more likely, through a blog client via XMLRPC
  • typically articles will not be written the way one would expect on blogs (whatever that means ;)
  • new updates won't be regular enough to call it a blog (IMO)
I'm looking forward to tweak the site design even more to get the feeling of an ordinary website instead of surfing a blog. I'm thinking of using some sort of sticky posts which keep being displayed at the top of the index page (I know of a plugin for pLog which is doing just that, but I don't like the way it's implemented. I'll have to have a closer look at it, though).
BTW: pLog supports static pages which is of course a neat feature if you're the one in charge of managing the templates and pLog as such, but it's not the way to go here.

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oscar | 10/09/2005, 17:30

It looks really good, congratulations!

Re: Congratulations

reto | 10/09/2005, 17:39

Thanks for the flowers - very appreciated! :)

...wish you a nice weekend!