Blogging through Microsoft Word

Posted by reto on 18 August, 2005 21:27

Blogging with Microsoft Word. (A macro by read on the Google Blog, offers their users to blog via Microsoft Word. All that is needed is a macro which is easily installed through a Setup-exe file, downloadable from their website.
I think this is a very straight forward way to get people start blogging, who else would probably never bother blogging as they cannot or don't want to learn yet another interface to publish something (not to mention the difficulties of submit buttons and the like). With this macro it's as easy as starting a new Word document, typing some text and finally hit the "publish..." button.

Fun with LetterJames

Posted by reto on 09 August, 2005 22:41

Writing on the WallObviously LetterJames is really busy these days. I was hardly able to access the site, not to speak about creating some more funny writings on the wall... :)




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