Maintenance Release of pLog available

Posted by reto on 24 May, 2005 23:01

This first maintenance release after version 1.0 of pLog comes with many little improvements and bugfixes.
Upgrading from version 1.0 is as easy as overwriting all the files with the new ones - no database upgrade is necessary for any maintenance releases of pLog (first DB upgrade will have to happen with version 1.1).
Besides all the very important bugfixes there are some nifty little features I'd like to point out here (pardon me if I miss one, though): (More)

The First Firefox Commercials

Posted by reto on 07 May, 2005 23:54

Screenshot of one of the three Firefox Commercials by Mozilla-EuropeThe Mozilla-Europe community released three cool commercials to promote Firefox!

The ones already using Firefox might remember their first browsing experience - I hope it was not that painfull. Those who don't know how Firefox feels, go taste and feel it!

Updated ICE Template

Posted by reto on 05 May, 2005 17:18

Every post had a the trackback info twice, which resulted in dublicated trackbacks! Please get the updated ICE template. You may manually edit the file postandcomments.template alternatively. Only thing to do is removing the following line: <!-- {$url->postTrackbackLink($post)} -->




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