IE7 - New Hope for Standards Compliant Webdesign

Posted by reto on 27 March, 2005 16:19

Finally Microsoft's Bill Gates announced, what Dean Edwards did a long time ago: IE7 (Dean's site may be down at the moment - guess his server got way too much traffic because of all the links published on an official Microsoft Blog on IE7!). Microsoft obviously got cold feet and is now trying to catch up with the much superior Firefox, which reached 25th million downloads in 99 days recenty!

Oh well, I'm getting off topic! Actually wanted to write about how Dean Edwards IE7 - maybe soon called IE8 - is doing a creat job on helping web developers keep to web standards! It's as easy as uploading some JavaScript code to your website and including it on your website and voila, that old crapy IE6 learns some CSS that Microsoft never thought of! This...
<!-- compliance patch for microsoft browsers -->
<!--[if lt IE 7]>
<script src="js/ie7/ie7-standard.js" type="text/javascript">

... is all it takes to get more compliance out of IE6. And you won't have to worry about CSS workarounds, dirty hacks and quirks to make your site look a little nicer whith IE6. This is mostly thanks to the once again proprietary "conditional comments" by Microsoft. Only Microsofts Browsers interprete the commented HTML lines.

pLog includes IE7 in it's next release, Version 1.0 for your convenience! All you'll need to do is including the above cited code into your template - preferably the header.template - and visitors using IE6 to visit your site (probalby not many *g*) will enjoy lots of all your nice CSS2 and CSS3 IE6 wouldn't support natively. At the moment IE7 cannot fix all IE6 bugs but it's still under heavy development and we will update pLog with the latest and greatest release with each new pLog release!

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Webdesign | 18/10/2008, 17:46

it is funny to read this post now. it's so long back. i am wondering how the future of browsers will look like, also with chrome etc. Compliant Webdesign is important