Gmail invites - who wants one?

Posted by reto on 28 March, 2005 20:14

I recently got gmail invites activated for my account. Mail me your E-Mail address (or leave a comment here) and you're likely to get an invite from me. First come, first served, of course! ;)

BTW, I think it's worth registering an account simply because of the fancy UI they provide. Google is definitely taking webmail one step further! Besides you can redirect your mail to whatever address you already have and/or access gmail through POP.

IE7 - New Hope for Standards Compliant Webdesign

Posted by reto on 27 March, 2005 16:19

Finally Microsoft's Bill Gates announced, what Dean Edwards did a long time ago: IE7 (Dean's site may be down at the moment - guess his server got way too much traffic because of all the links published on an official Microsoft Blog on IE7!). Microsoft obviously got cold feet and is now trying to catch up with the much superior Firefox, which reached 25th million downloads in 99 days recenty!

Oh well, I'm getting off topic! Actually wanted to write about how Dean Edwards IE7 - maybe soon called IE8 - is doing a creat job on helping web developers keep to web standards! It's as easy as uploading some JavaScript code to your website and including it on your website and voila, that old crapy IE6 learns some CSS that Microsoft never thought of! This...

Google has still Geek-Factor

Posted by reto on 17 March, 2005 22:46

As read on /. Google launched A playground for all interested in Google APIs for lots of their services.

Login here, login there

Posted by reto on 04 March, 2005 23:42

BugMeNot is a very handy service if you'd like to access services you'd normally have to sign up with, revealing your E-Mail address first. BugMeNot is a database with logins to 56470 sites at the moment. From NY Times to SpreadFirefox, BugMeNot gives you access to lot's of content and services with anonymity guaranteed.




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