Assembling my Media Server

Posted by reto on 04 February, 2005 17:05

After the PVR350 finally arrived I started assembling the media server. As I already mentioned I removed the original fan on the mainboard and replaced it with the much bigger Zalman ZM-NB47J passive cooler. Actually there are quite a few people mentioning that it won't fit on the K8N Neo2 without modifications (e.g. cutting some fins to fit beneath the AGP card). Well, it fitted on the board without modifications!
The reason, of course, is the small Geforce 5200 FX Card! Here are two pictures which might help if you intend to setup your PC based on the Neo2 K8N Motherboard. As you can see, there is not much space neither between the (blue) Chipset cooler and the AGP card, nor the CPU cooler and the AGP card. (i.e. the bigger Zalman CPU cooler with a 120mm fan wouldn't fit on this board!)
Zalman cooling on an MSI Neo2 K8 Board

This picture illustrates the impressive height of the Zalman chipset cooler. The PCI slots 1+2 are definately unusable.
Zalman cooling on an MSI Neo2 K8 Board

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media server

Patrice | 30/03/2005, 11:52


Could you tell me what is the working temperature of the chipset of your system with the passiv Zalman ?


System Temp

reto | 30/03/2005, 23:08

Hi Patrice

I'm running a Debian Sarge with activated CPUFreq, which means I'm using the Cool'n'Quiet feature of the CPU most of the time running on a low 1Ghz (instead of 1.8Ghz). This results in less heat inside the case, of course.
The power supply fans are running on their lowest speed, the Zalman CPU fan is approx. @ 1000RPMs. No case fans are running.

This setup results in:
CPU Temp. @ 44° Celsius
Chipset Temp. @ 31° Celsius
VCore @ 1.37V (standard)

Hope this helps and thanks for asking! :)

Re: Assembling my Media Server

reto | 31/03/2005, 10:48

BTW: Room temperature is important, too. It's about 20° C here.