Media-Server Requirements

Posted by reto on 05 January, 2005 22:38

Although I have never built a media server before, I have some rather clear expectations of what it should look like and what it should be capable of.
Some may call this a Home Theater PC (HTPC), but I don't like this terminology because it suggests somehow limited use. I don't want my media server to be nothing but a very expensive DVD Recorder/Player...
So, if you're still interested: read on!Hardware Requirements:
I want the server to
  • be quiet (running in the livingroom it should ideally not produce any noice at all, I expect it to be below 30dB)
  • look nice (not those ugly standard cases)
  • be as small as possible
  • easy upgradeable (other Graphic Card, better Sound, larger HDDs, etc.)
Software Requirements:
  • Video Disk Recording
  • play DVDs
  • play downloaded video files (avi, mgeg, DivX, etc.)
  • stream and play music files (mp3, ogg, etc)
  • show pictures (ideally uploaded directly from my digital camera)
  • fileserver (samba for the LAN) to store new media easily on the server
  • webserver (publishing some media to the WWW)
  • administration through SSH and VNC
  • short boot times
  • navigation via IR remote control
  • screen output through tv out (no VGA or DVI monitor will be plugged to the server)
  • last but not least: stability, maintainability, scalability
Other Requirements:
  • the hardware has to be affordable for me - rather a killer criteria, I guess... ;)
  • all Hardware needs to be available within the next weeks.
  • It should be something I can put together on my own (I do have experiences in assembling PCs)
I'm still not sure whether I can get all the sofware requirements to work, but I'm rather optimistic conserning the harware and other requirements. Stay tuned for more news... ;)

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