Choosing the hardware for my Media-Server

Posted by reto on 15 January, 2005 19:04

First I indended to buy one of these fancy looking Shuttle XPCs, but after hours of browsing and evaluating, I came to the conclusion that I should stick with a standard ATX case. The downsides of a Shuttle XPC are the proprietary mainboards and powersupplies and the very restricted space for PCI cards. Though they look very nice and are small enough to fit almoust everywhere a compact HiFi system would fit, too.
At the end I decided against an XPC because I doubt those little fans in the back of the case could be anything near silent. Plus there is only one XPC supporting AMD64 CPUs and the only PCI slot the board offers would already be used by the TV Card, which means I wouldn't have the option of upgrading the server with a soundcard later (in case I'm not satisfied with the onboard sound). I ended up with another nice looking, but considerably bigger case from Silverstone.

Here is a short overview of what I put inside that Silverstone case:

Media-Server Requirements

Posted by reto on 05 January, 2005 22:38

Although I have never built a media server before, I have some rather clear expectations of what it should look like and what it should be capable of.
Some may call this a Home Theater PC (HTPC), but I don't like this terminology because it suggests somehow limited use. I don't want my media server to be nothing but a very expensive DVD Recorder/Player...
So, if you're still interested: read on! (More)

Update on pLog-Powered Buttons

Posted by reto on 04 January, 2005 21:37

Oscar kindly mentioned the buttons I made for pLog, which was probably the reason why Andrew found an ugly typo in one of those buttons! *shameonme*
Of course I deleted the "bad" one and uploaded a new one instead. Plus you can get a zipped package with all the buttons, now!

Do it yourself Media-Server

Posted by reto on 03 January, 2005 19:37

Something I had in my mind for several month now, is building my own Media-Server. Since Microsoft launched its Windows Media Center, those little Boxes for the livingroom got really hyped. But buying one of those boxes doesn't look like fun to me, so I decided on building my own Media-Server. This is my first entry to the new category called "Media-Server", which will be something like a worklog, containing reports about how I build my own Media-Server. Stay tuned! ;)

New Design for my Weblog

Posted by reto on 01 January, 2005 19:03

It took me quite a while to finish my first template for pLog. It's called ICE, is CSS2 and XHTML 1.0 compliant and I integrated IE7 and a stylesheet switcher. It doesn't look very nice in IE6 and very ugly in IE5 but that's because those Browsers don't really care about standards. Well, if you already switched to "ICE Mozilla Enhanced" (you find the link at the bottom of this page) the CSS won't be compliant anymore, but it looks nice, doesn't it? ;)




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