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Posted by reto on 31 August, 2004 14:28

Browse Happy CampaignHaving standards is the most important thing on the Internet. In fact, without standards there would be no internet at all!
Creating standards compliant Webdesigns not only safes maintenance costs but makes sure your content can be accessed by everyone, and that's IMO the most important thing for every Webpublisher: delivering content to the audience.
Of course standards evolve and the tools (i.e. Browsers) need to be updated to get the most out of todays webstandards, and that's where the Browse Happy Campaign comes into place.

"Once, long ago, IE was a great example of a modern browser. But those days have passed. The last major version release was in 2001, and development appears to have slowed to a crawl with only a minor patch in 2004. New security flaws are reported at an alarming rate and major security organizations like the US Department of Homeland Security now recommend against its use. Internet Explorer, once the cream of the crop, is now a liability.

For those still using it, the Web is becoming an unpleasant place. Pop-up windows, insidious spyware, and viruses that transmit through its lax security make life difficult and costly for users. Innovative features available elsewhere that make the Web quicker, more accessible, and more useful haven't found their way into IE. Microsoft has been slow to respond to these problems." (Source:

This is why I recommend trying Firefox, which has one of the fastes growing userbases on the browser market, is opensource and can really speed up your surf experience! If you like Firefox, help promoting it!

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Browse happy

Mou-D | 08/10/2004, 23:53

yessss! Thats it!
where your found this "browseHappy"-Button? Or you created it yourself?

is there still a swiss-page with this important content?! ;-)

Let me know - let's push this stuff


Re: Browse Happy

reto | 09/10/2004, 00:22

oh, well. I took the button from and I'm still not sure if there's any "campaign" for the lazy swiss who still use "sad browsers"... :)