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Posted by reto on 30 April, 2004 20:25

Some may already have noticed: I switched my blog from Serendipity to pLog. I'm still using one of their standard templates/skins (a Movabletype clone), but I'm planning to work on my own template really soon. But first thing I did after switching to pLog, was writing a mod_rewrite engine to have search engine friendly URLs much like those possible with serendipity.

Some might wonder, why I switched over to pLog in the first place, if I had to implement a feature S9y already supported. Well, as usual things are not as black and white, neither with blogging tools nor anywhere else. ;-p
pLog has a much more modularized framework, is consequently object oriented and has a strict separation of presentation logic, business logic and data. It uses the famous Smarty template engine for it's output and a lot of other state-of-the-art PHP classes. For example: phpMailer for all mailing purposes, ADODB as database abstraction layer, getID3 for metadata extraction in resources and MagpieRSS to parse RSS resources. Plus there are tons of features in the admin panel, most of them I didn't test so far. And it has a very nice, though still under heavy developement, plugin framework. I simply feel much more comfortable if I have a tool which can easily be modified without the need for changing core code all the time. It makes updates so much more fun. ;)

The mod_rewrite requestgenerator will make it into the next version of pLog, so I desided to wait until the next official update until I change to the new urls. As usual the old URLs shouldn't be broken after the update.

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