Google bombing - the hype is not over

Posted by reto on 27 February, 2004 00:12

I thougt the Google-bombing-hype was already over, but nope, I was wrong. It's obviously still hyping, so I guess I'll take part on it, too! *g* This has already been covered largely: George W. Bush aka miserable failure has been Google bombed. But it probaby started all with his search for weapons of mass destruction. But surprisingly Bush searched the wrong places! (It's always the same: if you're searching for something you're searching too far. *lol*) According to, is a weapon of mass destruction! Well, let's wait and see ;) (More)

Playing Pinguball

Posted by reto on 20 February, 2004 23:50

PinguballActually I have no clue how this game was called originally, so if anybody would like to enlighten me please post a comment... I host a best of List with a lot of screenshots of records made by friends and myself. Of course Pinguball - or whatever you like it to call - is available, too.

Submited a feature request for Serendipity

Posted by reto on 19 February, 2004 00:15

I suddenly felt like getting rid of those smilies all over my test-blog-entries, so I wrote a little nasty hack. And of course posted my work at sourceforge. Here is what the hack is all about: ... (More)

Hello World

Posted by reto on 15 February, 2004 23:26

Welcome to my new blog site! I'll hopefully have the time to write some more or less interesting things here... Topics could cover PHP programming, maybe Apache tweaking, webdesign and some texts about Web Services, service oriented architecture and the like. But of course there will be more personal texts as well....let's see, I actually have no clue why I'm doing this anyway ;)




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