Posted by reto on 29 July, 2003 19:27

SpamPoison generates virtually infinite numbers of bogus e-mail addresses to "poison" the e-mail databases of spammers using e-mail harvester tools to gather e-mails over the web.
It can be used to help reduce the problem of spam on the Internet in general, and at sites using SpamPoison in particular.

Each randomly generated website again generates random email addresses and content and links to its self with pseudo-hyperlinks, trapping badly engineered address harvesting web crawlers, and to fool them into adding enormous quantities of completely bogus e-mail addresses to the e-mail address databases of the spammers, thus polluting those databases so badly that they become essentially useless.

SpamPoison is a port of the Perl script 'Wpoison' by Ronald F. Guilmette.
Please visit for detailed Informations on what SpamPoison is and why it could be usefull to you.
The original Wpoison site seams to have disapeared. At least I can't find anything but broken links to the original wpoison script. Well, for more information on how to use the script, please download the zipped package below. The included install.txt has some instructions on how to set up your own spam-harvester trap.

SpamPoison Demo
Download SpamPoison (zip, 759kb)

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Giant | 23/03/2008, 09:26 is alive again. is a ready-to-use spambot trap. Just link to it and spambots get lost in pages containing thousands of bogus addresses. You may consider using [rel="nofollow"] in your html to keep bots with prper intentions out of trouble (like googlebot etc).

Re: SpamPoison

reto | 24/03/2008, 09:03

Thanks for the info. indeed seems available again.

My port includes a robots.txt which excludes the spam trap and keeps non-malicious bots away from it. Adding[rel="nofollow"] is probably as effective. thanks for sharing!