Some Tips and Tricks for your EPOC Device

Posted by reto on 22 August, 2000 19:43

  • Shortcut Shift+Ctrl+Fn+S:
    Creates a screenshot in mbm format.
  • Shortcut Fn+'app':
    Creates a new file (e.g. type Fn+'Word' for a new Word file)
  • Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+E:
    'Kills' the marked application if you are in the "open files / programs" dialog.
  • Shortcut: Ctrl+Tab:
    Drive 'z' (ROM) is now browseable.
  • Extras bar:
    If you rearrange the Extras bar, make sure you save the settings in the Shell.ini. Simply go to the Control Panel, hit "Extras bar" or "Enter" and close the dialog with "OK". Otherwise you will loose the settings when you do a soft reset.
  • User dictionary:
    You can find the User.dic in c:\system\data\. It is a plain txt-file, which you can import in Word, edit and then export again.

SmileWare for EPOC ER5 Devices

Posted by reto on 21 August, 2000 19:42

SmileWare is freeware for EPOC32 devices. Actually, all my SmileWare is tested on a Psion S5 and on the ER5-SDK, which means that SmileWare should be compatible with all EPOC Machines. SmileWare is absolutely free, but I would like you to send me a :-) or any comments and bug-reports!

Smileware is written in OPL, which recently was opensourced! Please visit for further information. (More)




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