MySQL and File System Backup to FTP Server

Posted by reto on 15 May, 2011 23:45

I've put some shell scripts together to automate the backup process of my root server (basically a LAMP system).

You can read the how-to and get the download links to the backup scripts at mycodedump wiki.

For those how just want the code, fast - here you go:

Any comments or suggestions for improvements etc. are welcome! 

Back again?

Posted by reto on 08 January, 2010 21:59

Hefty! It's been quiet here for almost 2 years, which feels like 20 on the internet, but then Google still looks the same as on the 24th of April 2008, right?

Well, I've started using Google Code together with Mercurial repositories to manage some of the codings I did. Most of them are probably not very useful, but then again, they where useful for me at some point in time and could be a starting point for others. Furthermore, using a Google Code project is a great way of backing up stuff that needs no privacy ;).

My code dump has two repositories so far:

  • CMS Made Simple stuff (like plugins, tools etc.), my CMS of choice for small websites.
  • Shell Scripts I wrote. Some to integrate with Nautilus, some to be used on the command line
BTW: I'll post important updates regarding mycodedump on this blog.


Mixed Tape 20 Available for Download

Posted by reto on 24 April, 2008 21:07

Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape 20 LogoThe latest Mixed Tape is available for download. It's being downloaded to my iPod right now and you can get it here, if you like.

BTW: This is my last post on the Mixed Tapes. I don't intend to become news relay #1 for them. So, appologies to those that added me to their feed reader just to get updates on the Tapes :)

Getting Naked Again

Posted by reto on 06 April, 2008 22:59

Dustin Diaz is hosting the third CSS Naked Day on the 9th of April (yes, that's really soon!). It's the third CSS Naked Day and I've updated the LifeType plugin to default to the new date and fixed some bugs as well. So if you think your LifeType blog looks good without CSS you should go ahead, download the latest release and strip!

BTW: I've added the plugin to the official LifeType plugins page.

Mixed Tape 19 Available for Download

Posted by reto on 29 February, 2008 21:07

Mixed Tape PictureThe Mixed Tapes from Mercedes are back again. They redesigned their flashy website and changed it to the worse - their script thinks the linux flash binaries are not good enough...
Well, at least the download URLs are now more predictable and direct downloads work, too. So you may try to get your copy as long as it's hot.

Optimizing PNG Compression

Posted by reto on 06 January, 2008 22:49

While creating some screenshots and saving them with the GIMP, I felt the PNG files were rather big and I was looking for a tool that would do better compression. PNG files usually are saved with lossless compression, not like JPEG files, where you always loose some image information with every percent of higher compression. (More)

Innovating the Online Job Market

Posted by reto on 06 January, 2008 21:11 by UnicWe've currently a job vacancy for a PR Pro at unic and our HR is experimenting with new ways of acquisition by starting a blog at Well, I'm curious on what we can expect from that blog, not only content wise. Rumor goes that theres more to come than just the blog. In the meantime we're all sending some link love. At least Johann and Pascal already did so and Philippe has updated his blogroll. Let's see if Kevin is posting something, too. ;-)

Maybe we should register and as long as they are available ( is already taken)...

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